Cupric Organic Bioprotetors



Wettable powder with 96% EDTA chelated organic copper (Cu)

FOLI-STOP is a product formulated with a high concentration of organic copper salts, totally soluble and systemic in the plant, which is used as a corrector for deficiencies of this element in horticultural and fruit crops. FOLI-STOP is formulated with a series of adjuvants, which form specific proteins and facilitate the entry of copper metal through the cell membrane (active transport), forming an ion transport complex, making it much more effective even at low doses. The formulation of FOLI-STOP increases solubility, which favors its absorption and subsequent system by the plant.

EC fertilizer

Types of application


  • Sais orgânicos de cobre 96% (p/p)
  •  Cobre (Cu) quelatado com EDTA 14% (p/p)


Wettable Powder (WP)


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