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Soluble microgranules with 80% (w / w) free amino acids and 12.8% (w / w) organic nitrogen

NATURAMIN-WSP encourages the balanced growth of the crop. Its use is recommended in the phases when the culture requires greater energy consumption and in the moments when the culture is submitted to unfavorable conditions (transplantation, heat, cold, hail, wind, excess and lack of water, salinity, pathogen attacks , phytotoxicity, among other stressful situations). High concentration of short chain amino acids (80%), with a balanced aminogram, high concentration of basic amino acids and high concentration of amino acids with specific activity.

Registration of non-harmonized fertilizing material 180/2017

Types of application


  • Free amino acids 80.0% (w / w)
  • Total nitrogen (N) 12.8% (w / w)
  • Organic nitrogen (N) 12.8% (w / w)


Soluble microgranules (SG)


Outros bioativadores

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