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Granulated solid organic matter with high concentration of humic acids

NATURCOMPLET G is a solid granulated organic matter with a high concentration of humic acids, for localized application or by casting. High quality product, 2-5mm round granules, odorless and free from weed seeds. NATURCOMPLET G improves the soil structure, increases the solubility and extractability of macro and micro nutrients and favors the fauna of soil microorganisms.

Registration of non-harmonized fertilizer material 288/2018

Types of application


  • Organic nitrogen (N) 1%
  • Potassium Oxide (K2O) 5%
  • Total Organic Matter 50%
  • Total Wet Extract 50%
  • Humic Acids 42%
  • Fulvic Acids 8%
  • Total Iron (Fe) 1%


Dispersible concentrate (DC)


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